Thank you for taking time to visit our page. We’re glad that you did. IPF-Kenya is a ministry grounded in Pentecostal Holiness values. It is an extension of the Impact Pentecostal Fellowship COGIC in Edgemere, Maryland USA founded and Overseen by Rev. Dr. Solomon Iyobosa Omo-Osagie II.

The Mission of IPF-Kenya is concise and unambiguous – To Impact the World with the Word. We are a ministry of purpose and substance. We are about souls and God’s assignment for the Church. We practice Biblically sound values and teaching and are not about affectations. We are cognizance of time in the context of the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do not waste time on the irrelevance. Rather, we strive to make the best use of time to teach ALL People and All Nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.

IPF-Kenya is the Umbrella Covering of over thirty-five (35) newly founded, planted, and affiliated churches in western Kenya. The pastors, churches, and congregations are fully committed, devoted, and dedicated to the IPF-Kenya Vision! We Gather to Fellowship and Depart to Impact!!

Join and partner with us. There’s greatness ahead!

Photo Gallery


Church Pastor
Birunda Pastor Wycliffe Nyongesa
Cheparus Pastor Rita Nabwami Sichululu
Cheptais Pastor Elijah Makoye
Kahuho Pastor Zephaniah Onjir Maloba
Kaplamai Pastor David Wafula Makokha
Kapsara Pastor Moses Kamau
Kamasielo Pastor Kennedy Simiyu
Kamukuywa Pastor Alex Barasa
Kamusinga Pastor Pius Wachie
Kapenguria Pastor Alex Wafula
Kibunde Pastor Evans Wanjala
Kimilili Pastor Timothy Wanyoyi
Kitale Pastor Jeremiah Sikwali
Kolongolo Pastor Godfrey Wachie
Koy Koy Pastor Kennedy Kirui
Lagamet Pastor Evans Korot
Lugulu Pastor Violet Nafula
Maili Tatu Pastor Hezekiel Wekesa
Maili Saba Pastor George Wamanga
Makhonge Pastor Simon Lusweti
Mechi Meru Pastor Moses Kisaka
Misikhu Pastor Elizabeth Nanjala
Mukungua Pastor George Omanga
Mukuyun Pastor Alex Mulongo
Naitiri Pastor Jackson Simiyu
Naitiri Pastor Paul Muyira Wakhungu
Nyange Pastor Helen Nasimiyu Masakari
Namawanga Pastor Peter Wamalwa
Rafiki Pastor Maurice Simiyu
Sango Pastor Eliud Barasa
Sibalagala Pastor Chrispinus Wafula
Sosio Pastor Peter Wekesa
Sawa Pastor Mary Wanjala Khamala
Webuye Pastor Robert Khatete
Weoya Pastor John Simiyu

Cornerfaith Assembly Church

Cornerfaith Assembly Church with Bishop Kamau

Preaching Cornerstone Nairobi

Project Life

Golongolo Church

Kamasielo Church

Kamusinga Church

Makhonge Church

Rafiki Church

Sibakala Church